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1st Jan, 2008: Oneoff will soon publish Paul Hinton’s Science Fiction Adventure book, The Undiscovered. The first edition will be published on Tuesday the 15th April 2008. It will be priced at £12.95 in the UK.

The book is set in the year 2016. The survivors of a catastrophic world war are struggling to re-build their lives but it becomes apparent that fate hasn’t finished with them. A series of mysterious attacks re-raises the question of trust and steers the remaining populations back towards the brink of extinction.
Investigations reveal the horrifying truth. A new enemy is standing at the gates - numerically superior and brutal beyond all imagination - with only one desire, to wipe mankind from the face of the planet. As the situation becomes desperate, one man sets out on a journey in an attempt to avoid the inevitable. This is his story . . .

The author is available for interview or comment. Copies of the book are available for reviews in other publications. Contact Bill Stephen of Oneoff for further details.

Oneoff is a small independent publisher.

Book Details

The Undiscovered
By Paul Hinton

Hardback Fiction
ISBN: 978 0 952 2603 63
Price: £12.95 UK
Available: From good UK Bookshops
Publisher: Oneoff
Published: 15th April 2008
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Bill Stephen