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The Men Who Fought The War In Europe From The Sky
What a great story, it has it all; courage, fear, love, war, pain, nightmares, action, death and killing and compelling characters. More details...
Military Writers Society of America
©  W. H. McDonald April 14, 2007.

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RARELY can a novel convey the realities of air combat in the way intended by the author. The living world is sharper, and frequently more unbelievable, than fiction. Sometimes, however, a writer comes along with direct experience of the wartime environment, the fears, deprivations, exhilarations and tensions. When they do, it is usually a successful cocktail. So it is with this book ... More details...
Reviewed © Aviation News - December 2006.

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If you like well-written, realistic war stories, you won't be disappointed by this author. There's a lot to be learned in subtle ways through another person's experiences. … Forty-two flights over Germany and home by age 20. Unbelievable!
More details...
Reviewed © Kaye Trout - June 20, 2006.

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Compelling, dramatic and very readable.
For much of the book I was captivated by the hero of our story who was so young and within weeks became so old. ... This is not a novel just for aviation buffs; it's a compelling, moving and dramatic account in its own right that just happens to feature flyers drafted into the Army Air Corps in WWII. If the author has a sequel up his sleeve, I'll be the in the queue to buy the book. More details...
Reviewer: © Michael Watson - 22 Jul 2006.

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Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 0 952 2603 36
Publisher: Oneoff
Recommended Price: Out of print
Publication date: 19th July 2006

Other editions available: Paperback

Available: Second hand copies may be available

Clouds Are Always White On Top
Flying the Box the B-17 Flying Fortress Came In
by Nolan Lewis
Book details
In 1943 the Nazis war machine had subdued most of Western Europe.

A very young Ted Norman joins the 448th Bomb Group based in Seething, England, as part of the Allies effort to win the war. Casualties are high with typically 1 in 20 aircraft missing every mission. As the bombing raids push ever further into enemy territory, Ted is forced to reach the very limit of his own endurance in order to become the Captain his men depend on.

Nolan Lewis has based his book on his experiences of World War II.