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Paul Hinton talks on Radio

19th April, 2008: Paul Hinton, the newly published author of the Science Fiction Adventure book, The Undiscovered,  was recently interviewed about his book by Anthony Ballard on BFBS Radio.

Paul Hinton’s hardback book was published on Tuesday the 15th April 2008 and is now widely available at all good bookshops. The recommended price is £12.95 in the UK.

The book is set in the year 2016. The survivors of a catastrophic world war are struggling to re-build their lives but it becomes apparent that fate hasn’t finished with them. A series of mysterious attacks re-raises the question of trust and steers the remaining populations back towards the brink of extinction.
Investigations reveal the horrifying truth. A new enemy is standing at the gates - numerically superior and brutal beyond all imagination - with only one desire, to wipe mankind from the face of the planet. As the situation becomes desperate, one man sets out on a journey in an attempt to avoid the inevitable. This is his story . . .

The author is available for further interview or comment. Learn more about the author and contact him.

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Book Details

The Undiscovered
By Paul Hinton

Hardback Fiction
ISBN: 978 0 952 2603 63
Price: £12.95 UK
Available: From good UK Bookshops
Publisher: Oneoff
Published: 15th April 2008
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