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Stefan Cwojdzinski’s Biography
Stefan Cwojdzinski was born in Wrocław, SW Poland in 1947. He completed his studies of geology at Wrocław University in 1970. In the same year he was employed in the Polish Geological Institute, Lower Silesian Branch in Wrocław where he worked until 2017 when he retired.

For over 20 years he was engaged in geological mapping in the Sudetes Mts. and their forefield, studying also the tectonics of metamorphic and magmatic rocks. In 1981 he obtained a doctor’s degree on ground of work on geological evolution of Variscan Kłodzko-Złoty Stok granitoid massif. Geological mapping was also his professional activity during work abroad in Finland (1975), Mongolia (1984-86) and Algeria (1986-88). Since 1984 he undertook studies on Earth expansion. He published about 25 papers on different aspects of this theory and was co-organizer of the EE symposium in Poland in 1994. In the years 1988-2000 he performed the duty of director of the Lower Silesian Branch of the Institute. During this time he promoted an expanding Earth. In 2003 he defended his habilitation thesis on the decrease of surface curvature on the expanding Earth. Since 2006 he has occupied a post of professor in the Polish Geological Institute.

Other interests: political history, the times of Napoleon I, geotourism, collecting of mineralogical and paleontological speciments.

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The Hidden History of Earth Expansion