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John Eichler’s Biography
John B. Eichler was born in northern Illinois in 1939. He holds a B.S. with majors in mathematics and physics (1963) and a M.A. In Interdisciplinary Studies (2015). He has held a variety of positions over the years related to research, systems and applications programming, electronic circuit design, and new product development. In the early 1960s he pioneered the creation of an engineering graphics data reduction system using a UNIVAC vacuum tube computer. In the 1980s he solely designed and built a minicomputerbased hardware and software electrocardiogram analysis system that analyzed ECGs ten times faster than other comparable systems. His speciality was realtime complex original systems. In the 2000 general election, the State of Colorado used his web-based system to process and display results on the Internet.

During 1958-59 he independently postulated Earth expansion concentrating on attempting to solve the monumental problem of what physical mechanism would cause such an expansion. Eichler believes a viable solution is critical in getting the expansion concept accepted. He rejects esoteric theories not amenable to experimental verification. As reflected in his M.A. thesis, he realized that many concepts and paradigms in science taught as “fact” are open to question when closely scrutinized. His primary approach has always been that any problem solution must be strictly based on the laws of physics and verifiable laboratory experimentation.

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The Hidden History of Earth Expansion