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David Noel’s Biography
David Noel was born in 1935, and educated in Britain. He worked at a British manufacturing company for five years, until migrating to Perth, Australia, in 1964. He could be characterized as a “Fixer and Explainer”.

In Australia he got a job with the University of Western Australia Library, and worked there for 24 years, at first looking after the scientific books, but most of the time involved in library automation. After 1988 he worked for himself, in a combination of jobs, including publishing, bookselling, consulting on tree crops, and writing articles on science. Over the past 40 or so years, he has built up a popular-science website at, which now contains hundreds of explanatory articles on a big variety of topics. About two-thirds are on space and earth sciences, with the rest a very mixed bag, including items on the workings of human society, plant breeding, nuclear fusion, insect perception, fire control, tornados, economics, Mandarin Chinese, migration, Homer’s Odyssey, neutrinos, and a cake recipe.

David has also published five books, mostly intertwined with the AOI articles, culminating in the 2020 publication of “The Oort Cloud”, which solves many mysteries (such as Dark Matter) and includes new understandings of gravity, magnetism, atomic structure, black holes, and antimatter.

For many people, the world is full of problems. For some, the world is full of interesting puzzles to solve. David aspires to belong to the second group.

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The Hidden History of Earth Expansion