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Third Edition of Dinosaurs and the Expanding Earth

10th June, 2011: Oneoff will publish a hard back third edition of the popular book Dinosaurs and the Expanding Earth on the 4th September 2011. It will be widely available at all good book shops with a recommended price of £12.95 in the UK and £19.95 in the US.

When the first edition of Dinosaurs and the Expanding Earth was published in 1994 it unveiled the startling idea that dinosaurs lived in a reduced gravity. Since the initial tenuous unveiling of the Reduced Gravity Earth theory it has become widely discussed and debated. Today, individuals from laymen to professors are arguing that gravity was less on the ancient Earth.

Praise for previous editions:

‘... something completely different ... an original work rather than a re-presentation of existing knowledge ... well presented’
Geology Today

‘(It’s) ... shown that Dinosaurs' bones could not have borne their weight ... much reduced surface gravity is essential for Dinosaurs to have existed’
Professor S. Warren Carey, University of Tasmania

‘(This) cleared up a very contentious issue for me ... I checked my mathematical modeling today and discovered ... surface gravity during the Permian was about 50% what it is today, precisely what you are suggesting’
Dr James Maxlow, Geologist

Have you seen the huge dinosaurs footprint in Colorado? Or in Australia? Have you looked critically at a dinosaur skeleton in a Paleontology Museum (If you visit the Cappellini Museum in Bologna)? The size, posture and estimated weight of these giants are impressive and the problem of the mechanical deambulation of such large bodies has been posed many times. ... The book is written in a plain straightforward style ... Its clear and lively descriptions lead the reader straight to the core of the arguments.
Annals of Geophysics

The author is available for interview or comment. Contact Bill Stephen of Oneoff for further details.

Oneoff is a small independent publisher.

Book Details

Dinosaurs and the Expanding Earth - Third Edition
By Stephen Hurrell

Hardback Non-Fiction
ISBN: 978 0 952 2603 79
Price: £12.95 UK $19.95 US
Available: From all good Bookshops
Publisher: Oneoff
Published: To be published 4th September 2011
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Bill Stephen
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Hardback Book - Dinosaurs and the Expanding Earth