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US Publishers lose out to the British

28th June, 2006: US Publishers were too slow in signing a US Author who was snapped up by a British Publisher. Nolan Lewis, who lives in Ione Washington State, has been published by Oneoff based in the UK.

The irony of the British publishing a US hasn’t been lost in the US. As the Selkirk Sun in the US noted, “American publishers were too slow off the mark when it came to picking up Nolan Lewis’s World War II novel, Clouds Are Always White On Top – Flying the Box the B-17 Flying Fortress Came In. This book, based on the author’s memories as one of the youngest pilots in America’s Army Air Corps, attracted the attention of British publishers Oneoff, who were intrigued to find a work that described the life of a ‘Yank’ based in Britain and flying bombing missions to the Continent during WWII.”

Bill Stephen of Oneoff explains the excitement it created when they first read it, “Nolan Lewis’s story is based mainly around Norfolk, England, during the Second World War and we knew there is still a great deal of interest about the time the Americans were ‘Over Here’ in the UK. Once we read the story we were even keener to publish Nolan’s book. The book has an amazingly strong sense of reality so it came as no surprise that it was based on Nolan’s own experiences of the war.

“It’s an amazingly gripping account of a young man’s experiences during that time. Every detail tells you that the author has lived through those experiences.

“We’ve already had a great deal of interest in the book, both in the UK and US. Nolan will be interviewed on BBC Radio, so anyone who wants to listen to Nolan discussing his book can hear him on Maggie’s Brew – BBC Radio Norfolk – on the 23rd July. BBC Radio Norfolk is available over the internet as well.

“Nolan will also be busy signing books near his home town. Arrangements are being made for him to be available at Tiger during the Down River Days weekend, July 28, 29 & 30. He will also be signing his book in August at Aunties, the premier book store in Spokane.”

Nolan is amazed at the success so far, “I was pretty surprised when Oneoff contacted me. I just hope all this effort is worth while and people like the book.” It seems that Nolan needs have no worries on that score if the initial reviews are correct. Kaye Trout’s Book Review is typical of the reviews so far, “If you like well-written, realistic war stories, you won't be disappointed by this author. There's a lot to be learned in subtle ways through another person's experiences. … Forty-two flights over Germany and home by age 20. Unbelievable!”

The book will be widely available when it is published on the 19th July. Most of the major UK & US bookshops are already taking orders for the book and it is also available from internet bookshops as well.

The author is available for interview, comment or book signings. Copies of the book are available for reviews in other publications. Contact Bill Stephen of Oneoff for further details.

Oneoff is a small independent publisher.

Book Details

Clouds Are Always White On Top
By Nolan Lewis

ISBN: 0 952 2603 36
Price: £19.95 UK, $28.95 US
Available: From good UK & US Bookshops
Publisher: Oneoff
Published: 19th July 2006
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Bill Stephen
Tel 0161 408 1034 (UK)
Clouds Are Always White On Top