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Publication date for Terra Non Firma Earth eBook announced

20th June, 2005: Oneoff has announced today that they will publish Dr James Maxlow’s new eBook - Terra Non Firma Earth - on the 11th July at a price of £12.95. The new eBook challenges many of our perceptions of the Earth, and the scientific arguments presented in the new eBook need to be seriously considered by all sincere scientists.

James Maxlow’s eBook provides a range of evidence that the Earth is expanding in size. The strongest evidence in support of an expanding Earth comes from the very evidence that has been traditionally used to negate Earth expansion. When ancient magnetic pole data is plotted on models of an expanding Earth, each of the poles cluster as diametrically opposed north and south poles. Similarly, the equator derived from these pole locations coincide precisely with the distribution of fossil species and sedimentary climatic indicators, such as limestone, coal, and glacial debris. This phenomenon is impossible on plate tectonic models and tells us that an expanding Earth far better explains the distribution of all geological, geophysical, and geographical global tectonic data. The picture of the evolution of the Earth provided in the eBook is logical and conclusive enough to persuade the reader that the earth has expanded in size.


Expanding Earth theories have been promoted by previous authors, most notably Professor S Warren Carey who wrote a number of books on the subject including Earth Universe Cosmos, Theories of the Earth and Universe, The Expanding Earth, plus many scientific papers on the subject.

Oneoff is a small independent publisher specialising in eBooks.

Book Details

Terra Non Firma Earthby James Maxlow
Format: eBook for Adobe reader
ISBN: 0 952 2603 28
Publisher: Oneoff
Available from: 11th July 2005
Price: £12.95
More details from:


Bill Stephen
+44 07753 587469
ebook - Terra Non Firma Earth
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