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11th July, 2005: Oneoff has today published Dr James Maxlow’s new eBook, Terra Non Firma Earth. James Maxlow’s eBook is set to overturn traditional conservative science by detailing groundbreaking new science that challenges the assumption that the Earth has retained a constant size during its evolution.

James Maxlow’s e-book, Terra Non Firma Earth, deals with one of the most controversial scientific theories about the Earth. It is commonly believed that the Earth has been a constant diameter during most of geological time, but James Maxlow provides an assortment of compelling evidence that the Earth is expanding in size.

James Maxlow’s eBook discusses a scientific theory that is astonishingly significant. If true, it means that many of the scientific “facts” we think we know about the Earth are plainly wrong. Many major natural science theories will have to be rewritten. Of course the established scientists don’t like any upstart theory which is going to see many of their own pet theories about the Earth consigned to the scientific dustbin. Several have attempted to suppress this revolutionary new theory by rubbishing the claims. These past rejections of the expanding Earth theory have traditionally been based on outdated, misinformed and often highly emotive misconceptions of what the theory is. James Maxlow’s eBook resolves this dilemma by examining the latest scientific evidence about the Earth in detail to see if it supports the expanding Earth theory.

In the face of such opposition it is obvious that any arguments in support of the new theory have to be sound and wide ranging to overcome the doubters. In the new eBook, Terra Non Firma Earth, James Maxlow has done just that by examining many different lines of evidence to see if the Earth is expanding in size.

The expanding Earth theory explains the tectonic movement of the Earth’s plates. This theory draws on the same evidence used by plate tectonics, but unlike plate tectonics where continents are randomly shunted around the Earth’s surface as ocean floor is created at mid-ocean ridges and consumed at subduction zones, in the expanding Earth theory there are no subduction zones so the Earth must expand in size as new ocean floor is created.

To many this seems unimaginable but the remarkable fit together of all continents on a smaller radius Earth is too good to be due to mere coincidence. The acceptance of the expanding Earth proposal requires careful reconsideration of all that we have been previously taught to be an absolute scientific truth.

Using the latest data available James Maxlow has reconstructed 3D models of the Earth going back in time hundreds of millions of years using the entire land and ocean floor which was known to exist in the past. The reconstructions clearly show an Earth which was considerably smaller in the past. This smaller Earth has gradually expanded to its present size with new material being added at the mid-ocean ridges. The 3D models are highly accurate with the “fit” of the entire land and ocean floor being better than 99%. This is several orders of magnitude better than the currently accepted theory of plate tectonics.

Using these new 3D models of the expanding Earth James Maxlow has been able to employ the magnetic field data contained within the ancient rocks to pinpoint the ancient North and South Poles and hence the position of the equator. These results are also strongly consistent in favour of an expanding Earth.

Various other lines of evidence also lead to the inevitable conclusion that the Earth has expanded. One of the most astonishing lines of evidence presented by James Maxlow is provided by the same satellite navigation technology which is commonly used to pinpoint an exact location on the Earth. James Maxlow explains in detail how the current space geodetic results seem to be inconclusive since they do not include a vertical vector component. Once this component is included it shows that Earth expansion is happening today. These geodetic models show a clear and unquestionable change in the Earth’s radius.

When the global geodetic network was first established in the 1990s they were found to show that the Earth was expanding by 18 mm/year. However, since the Earth was expected by conventional science to be a constant size it was recommended that this expansion be “restricted to zero” and this is what was implemented by adding a correction factor to the results. The value of 18mm/year is very close to the 22 mm/year calculated from the oceanic mapping. This real expansion has now been removed from all geodetic data published by the use of correction factors.

James Maxlow explains how over 560 ground base observation stations indicate that the Earth has expanded from 1992 when space geodetic measurements became routine. When plotting published data from geodetic measurements James Maxlow describes the periodic adjustments to the stations necessary to constrain the results to a constant diameter Earth. These adjustments suggest that there were major earthquakes when it is known that there were no earthquakes. This indicates that the adjustments are incorrect. Solving unconstrained space geodetic data gives the mean increase in Earth radius of over 18 mm/year.

The book is the culmination of many years of research, as James Maxlow explains: “From the time I first became convinced that the Earth is expanding it has taken 25 years of steadily increasing research prior to writing my book. This protracted amount of time coincided with the completion of the oceanic mapping, which was not available to early researchers and forms the basis of my research into Earth expansion.”

James Maxlow’s new eBook is an important landmark in science, in which he constructs spherical scale models of the Earth to enable him to analyse the process of Earth expansion. The reconstructions described in the eBook are the first where the ages of both the ocean floor and continental geology are used for reconstruction. The data used for the reconstruction is unquestionable and has been used by a number of other researches. It confirms and develops the reconstructions of previous researches in the field and demonstrates a very high degree of continental fitting.

All these reconstructions are supported by existing and verified data. James Maxlow extends the reconstructions further back in time in the history of geology by the progressive removal of young basin sediments and magmatic complexes and the restoration of each area to a pre-existing configuration.

James Maxlow’s book presents the firmest evidence to believe in the expanding Earth. He explains, “There is a lot of very strong evidence for an expanding Earth, much of which has not been considered prior to this research. The fact that all crustal plates can be fitted together back in time with one unique assemblage is relatively common knowledge. The strongest evidence in support of an expanding Earth comes from the very evidence that has been traditionally used to negate Earth expansion. When ancient magnetic pole data is plotted on models of an expanding Earth, each of the poles cluster as diametrically opposed north and south poles. Similarly, the equator derived from these pole locations coincide precisely with the distribution of fossil species and sedimentary climatic indicators, such as limestone, coal, and glacial debris. This phenomenon is impossible on plate tectonic models and tells us that an expanding Earth far better explains the distribution of all geological, geophysical, and geographical global tectonic data.”

All of the arguments are important arguments which need to be seriously considered by all sincere scientists.

James Maxlow’s book is due be published as a paper copy by another publisher, hopefully later this year.


Expanding Earth theories have been promoted by many authors, most notably Professor S Warren Carey who wrote a number of books on the subject including ‘Earth Universe Cosmos’, ‘Theories of the Earth and Universe’ and ‘The Expanding Earth’, plus many scientific papers on the subject.

Oneoff is a small independent publisher specialising in eBooks.

The book is due to be published in paper form later this year by another publisher.

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Terra Non Firma Earthby James Maxlow
Format: eBook for Adobe reader
ISBN: 0 952 2603 28
Publisher: Oneoff
Published: 11th July, 2005
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ebook - Terra Non Firma Earth
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