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An electronic book published by Oneoff introduces an ebook copy of a startling new theory explaining why dinosaurs and the mega beasts were so gigantic. The book Dinosaurs and the Expanding Earth by Stephen Hurrell is the first to suggest that the dinosaurs grew large because they lived in a reduced gravity and is unique in examining how such a reduction in gravity would have affected the size of prehistoric life.

There’s one thing everyone knows about dinosaurs, they could be big – very big. In the Jurassic Park films the dinosaurs were shown at the correct size. A T. rex was large enough to eat an accountant in one massive chomp, and it would be possible to drive a jeep between the legs of the large vegetarian browsers.

Some people wonder how dinosaurs could become so big. Dinosaur experts have pointed out that calculations show that a T. rex’s leg muscles wouldn’t be able to move fast enough to enable it to run after any prey. Many of the larger dinosaurs would suffer fatal injuries if they stumbled and fell since the fall would result in broken bones and massive internal injuries. It seems an odd state of affairs.

One author, Stephen Hurrell, thinks he has an answer to this perplexing puzzle. He believes the dinosaurs lived in a reduced gravity and because they weighed less they could become large.

The contention that gravity was reduced in the past seems an astonishing claim, but Hurrell explains how some well known and respected scientists believe there is geological evidence that gravity was less in the past. “Professor S Warren Carey claimed for many years that geological evidence indicates that the Earth was smaller in size. If the ancient earth’s mass was less then gravity would have been less. We can see how gravity would be smaller if we look at Mars or the Moon; these are both smaller in size and so have a reduced gravity compared to the Earth.”

But wasn’t Professor Carey a lone maverick who no one took seriously? Hurrell strongly refutes this claim. “There are over one hundred scientific papers by various authors, a number of books and various conferences held about the expanding Earth theory, so I certainly don’t think Professor Carey was alone in his beliefs”

Stephen Hurrell is the author of Dinosaurs and the Expanding Earth, which was recently published as a 116 page ebook by Oneoff The ebook is an electronic edition of the hardback edition published in 1994. He describes his book as, “explaining how the dinosaurs could be highly active and dynamic creatures capable of dominating the land despite their large size”.

Hurrell thinks he can use the principles described in his book to calculate the value of gravity in the past. He agrees a reduced gravity for the dinosaurs seems an astonishing idea but notes that “once you begin to consider the concept you realise that it’s only a slight modification of the widely held belief of earth formation - except for the time scale. Currently held theories have the earth forming well before the dinosaurs, but the expanding earth concept just changes the timing so the earth was still forming during the dinosaurs’ time. We are talking of some astonishing time scales here. Have you ever considered how long 65 million years is? It’s plenty of time for the earth to continue forming.”

But does the expanding earth theory mean the earth is still expanding and we are all getting heavier? “Yes, but once again it’s the amount of time involved compared to the immense time scales we see with the dinosaurs. A human life time is such a short time that the change in gravity is almost insignificant.”

Still. No Jurassic Park dinosaurs then? “At least not at the gigantic sizes they lived in the past. A T. rex would only be about 3 or 4 foot high in our gravity”.

Dinosaurs and the Expanding Earth by Stephen Hurrell is available in ebook format from a number of electronic book suppliers.

Notes for Editors

Dinosaurs lived during most of the Mesozoic Era. This period in the earth's history lasted from about 248 million to 65 million years ago. T. rex is still the largest and most robust carnivorous dinosaur known from a complete skeleton, although it is possible that Giganotosaurus, a newly discovered dinosaur from Argentina, and Carcharodontosaurus from Morocco were even bigger than T. rex. The largest known T. rex is: 42 feet (12.8 meters) long, 13 feet (4.0 meters) high at the hips, 7 tons (6.4 metric tonnes) estimated live weight with 58 teeth.

Expanding Earth theories have been promoted by many authors, most notably Professor S Warren Carey who wrote a number of books on the subject including Earth Universe Cosmos, Theories of the Earth and Universe, The Expanding Earth, plus many scientific papers on the subject.

Stephen Hurrell was born in 1956 in Great Britain. He is a practicing engineering designer and is married with a son. Whilst designing scaled engineering structures at the Electricity Research Centre, he became interested in scale effects on structures and applied these same scale effect principles to develop his theory about dinosaurs living in a reduced gravity world.

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Book Details
Dinosaurs and the Expanding Earth
by Stephen Hurrell
Format: eBook for Adobe reader
ISBN: 095226031X
Publisher: Oneoff
Pages: 116
Figures: 47
Recommended Price: £5.95
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Bill Stephen
07753 587469
ebook - Dinosaurs and the Expanding Earth
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