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Format:  Paperback
ISBN:  9780952 26039 4
Pages:  472
Figures: 219 B&W
Publisher:  Oneoff
Recommended Price:  £16 UK, $22  US, $25 CAD, €20 EU,
$30 AUS
Publication date: 19 Jan 2022
Available:  All good bookshops worldwide, including:
Alibris, Amazon (AE, BR, AU, CA, BR, DE, ES, FR, IN, IT, JP, NL, MX, PL, SG, UK, US), Barnes&Noble, Bertrand, Blackwell,, Booktopia, Buecher, Dicksmith, Fishpond, Hive, Indiebound, Opentrolley, Tales, Thriftbooks, Walmart, Waterstones, WOB

Other formats available:   Hardback,  eBook    
The Hidden History of Earth Expansion:
Told by researchers creating a Modern Theory of the Earth

Edited by Stephen W. Hurrell.   With chapters by: Hugh G. Owen,
Cliff Ollier, Karl-Heinz Jacob, James Maxlow, Jan Koziar, Stefan Cwojdziñski, Carl Strutinski, John B. Eichler, William C. Erickson, David Noel, Zahid A. Khan and Ram Chandra Tewari, Vedat Shehu
and Richard Guy.
Book details
For more than half a century a small group of science innovators struggled to convince us that continents were once joined together on the ancient Earth. Then virtually all opposition collapsed when the radical theory of continental drift was widely acknowledged as a major revolution in scientific thinking.

But some science innovators continued to argue that there was an even more astonishing possibility. They saw evidence that continental drift was caused by the Earth expanding in size.

This is their hidden history.

'I took great pleasure in reading this collection, and in agreeing, or sometimes disagreeing, with ideas and conclusions of the contributors. It is the sort of work that can help open minds that are unduly closed'
Chris Cunningham - author of Climate Change and the Cargo Cult

'All in all, this latest book is a timely addition to Expanding Earth theory, and it is pretty obvious our understanding of tectonics, whether global or local, remain incomplete. The book is highly recommended'
Louis Hissink - NCGT Journal editor

'Stephen Hurrell has done a great service to the science community: he has captured the history of expansion tectonics before it is lost. This truly would be a shame given it will eventually become the dominant geological theory. The book is a who's who in expansion tectonics with a treasure trove of historical information, photos and documents'
David de Hilster - JCNPS President

'The book - Hidden History of Earth expansion - exceeded my expectations. I learned about several authors I had not noticed before. It is in the context of history and individual stories that the findings presented sound much more convincing and engaging'
Dominik Katona - Amazon Reviewer

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